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    3. 產品詳情
      • 產品名稱:動物紋身設備

      • 產品型號:animal Identification
      • 產品廠商:美國Harvard
      • 產品價格:0
      • 折扣價格:0
      • 產品文檔:
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      NEO-9 新生小鼠紋身系統

      was developed just for tattooing P0-P15 neonate  rodents of any color/strain.  This convenient kit comes complete with a micro controller w/HDUI  power supply, foot pedal (on/off), preset speeds,  ultra light tattoo machine, non-skid machine 
      platform with pigment holder, micro tattooing station (light, skin prep holder, 4x magnification), AIMS certified safe tattoo 
      pigment, AIMS skin prep (reduce fading),  standard/fine tip tattoo needles, finger guards, needle scanning scope, comprehensive DVD  instructions, and carrying case.  The detailed  training guide provides step-by-step guidance and 
      detailed illustrations on multiple ID schemes with  large number ranges (> 9,000).  Neonate tattoo  identification is a practical and humane alternative to toe clipping (non-invasive).  Toe tattoos allow you to use your existing numbering  system without removing the toe.  Included  supplies will tattoo ~ 2000 neonates. 

       ATS-3 一般嚙齒類動物紋身系統

      has supplies and accessories for tattoo ~ 3000 weanling rodents and larger.  The detailed  training guide & instruction DVD provide  step-by-step guidance with detailed illustrations.  Use numbers, letters, lines, dots, and/or colors  to permanently ID any color/strain mouse or rat.   Comes complete with AIMS standard tattoo machine  w/calibrated needle tube, micro controller w/extended machine speed, AIMS humane rapid mouse cup restraint system, tail tattoo reading light, certified safe/non toxic supplies and tattooing  accessories, 242B concentrated black pigment for C57 & B6 mice.  This system can be used for neonate rodent tattooing when purchased with the neonate accessory package.  
       Use the ATS-3 Tattooing System for Neonate Rodents  with the Neonate Accessory Package.  Includes Micro Tattooing Platform (w/ light, 4x magnification, skin prep holder and DC power  supply), finger guards, neonate pigment, skin  prep, fine tip needles, and instruction book and   DVD (Laboratory Animal Tattooing  Identification Vol., 1 Neonate Mice & Rats).


      The AIMS ATS-3L Large Lab Animal Tattoo System is a compact tattoo kit specifically developed for 
      the tattoo identification of large laboratory  animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits,  NHP, Swine, [anything larger than a mouse/rat]).  Features AIMS ultra light weight tattoo machine for quick, easy skin tattooing for both the  tattooist and animal. Includes an HDUI compact micro-power supply and tattoo controller in a small profile kit.

      AIMS ultra-light tattoo machine. Foot pedal on/off micro-controller. AIMS small/large bore calibrated needle tube. 
      Select large animal tattoo needles. Small equipment profile (quick setup/pickup).  Reduced animal stress (quick tattooing). 
      Easy cleaning & sterilization between animals. Detailed operating and tattooing instructions. Unlimited technical support from AIMS. 

      耳打孔器Ear Punch

      EP-901       Ear Punch 1mm punch scissors style
      EP-902       Ear Punch 2mm punch scissors style
      EP-900      Ear Punch 2mm punch thumb style

       Aramis Microtattoo System

      A Revolutionary Method for Humane Identification  of Laboratory Animals Individual identification is essential for the  maintenance of health/study records and the  management of colonies of laboratory animals.  
      This instrument is in compliance with regulatory agencies and research protocol requirements for  the care and use of laboratory animals.


       Permanent mark which is easily readable on  pigmented or albino animals. 
      Rapid and easy to apply. 
      Almost infinite ID numbers. 
      Sterile and disposable hypodermic needles to 
      prevent the spread of potentially infectious 

      The needle is re-inked when it enters the ink tank  on the other side.  Discomfort of the animal is  minimal and equivalent to a quick injection with a very fine needle.


      Choose the needle
      Fill the ink tank
      Squeeze the instrument
      Identification with the grid location

       Complete kit includes 1 Aramis microtattoo  instrument, 1 oz. of Ketchum Green Tattoo Paste, 1 aluminum planchette, plastic holding case, and 2 practice hypodermic needles.


      MT-KITComplete Microtattoo Kit 
      MTP-1Green Tattoo Paste, 1 oz. 
      MTP-5Green Tattoo Paste, 5 oz.

      Small Animal Ear Tags 

      Stainless Steel Applicator is designed to seal the  tags with minimal pressure, while providing a  good, secure seal.  Applicator can be used with or without the spring.  The spring applies slight closing pressure to help hold the tag in the 
      applicator prior to sealing. Place the ear tag in the applicator keeping the hole side of the tag flat against the jaw of the applicator with the indentation.


      EP-1005-S1Small animal ear tag applicator Stainless Steel Applicator 
      EP-1005-1Small animal ear tags (1,000 pieces)


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